Tasting Notes Milk Chocolate & Caramel

Roast Profile Medium

Characteristics This traditional style coffee is smooth, and balanced. The rich chocolate and caramel notes really come through with the addition of milk.

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Tasting Notes Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut

Roast Profile Medium – Dark

Characteristics This 100% Arabica blend is rich and full bodied. Roasted slightly darker this is a real punchy coffee.

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Tasting Notes Cocoa & Stone Fruits

Roast Profile Medium – Dark

Characteristics Quite simply this is a decaf that doesn’t taste like decaf. A 2 star Great Taste Award winner the organic swiss water decaffeination process, ensures that all the rich flavours remain within the coffee.

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Single Origin Colombian

Tasting Notes Hazelnut & Caramel

Roast Profile Light

Characteristics This is a real big hitter with loads of flavour – great through a traditional espresso machine. The lighter roast brings out some of the brighter notes.

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Bulldog Original Blend

Arabica Blend

Tasting Notes Chocolate & Orange

Roast Profile Light – Medium

Characteristics Roasted medium to light to bring out all the flavours of this 100% Arabica south and central America blend. Smooth & chocolatey body with a zesty mandarin finish this is a complex coffee with exceptional taste.

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White Label

Make your own blend

Tasting Notes Your choice

Roast Profile Your choice

Fine tune your own blend tailored to your exact needs – leave the roasting to the experts while you concentrate on selling and serving your unique coffee.

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