V60 Brew Guide

  1. Place paper filter in V60 & place V60 on top of your cup.
  2. Pour a little bit of hot water onto the filter – pre wetting removes some of the papery taste you may get from the filter and
    allows the coffee to pour through (extract) straight away. Your cup will also get heated by the hot water.
  3. Discard the hot water in the cup.
  4. Put your ground coffee in the filter & shoogle the filter so that the coffee area is flat. (this allows the water to go through the coffee evenly taking all the flavour)
  5. Slowly pour boiling water over all the coffee until it is all wet – just a little amount of water at this stage.
  6. Leave the coffee for about 20 seconds to absorb all the water.
  7. Slowly pour the remaining water over the coffee, give it a quick stir and wait.
  8. Wait 1-2 minutes & enjoy!